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Currently, Satchidananda Thapovanam is being rebuilt under the support of Senthilnathan Shanmugam, a long term devotee and student of Swami Satchidananda. Because of the inactivity at the premises over the years, extensive renovations and rehabilitation were required to restore this beautiful retreat back to its potential to serve the community.


The premises contain two buildings: one served as the personal quarters for Sri Gurudev and Swami Vimalananda Mataji, and the second was a hub for classes and gatherings. The first building has been renovated, and is now a shrine and meditation space, with archival photos and documents representing the history and activity of the Satchidananda Thapovanam during Sri Gurudev's service in Sri Lanka.  A dedication ceremony was held on December 22, 2016.


We are in the process of registering Satchidananda Thapovanam, Kandy, as a Trust, after which we will welcome further support and contributions from the worldwide sangha.  To keep the community involved in the process, we will update this website with further information, and provide pictures and architectural plans as the renovations take place.

Planning continues to be underway for the Thapovanam to once more open its doors to spiritual seekers and become an active hub for interfaith harmony.



Senthilnathan Shanmugam

Director of Development


Tel: + 94 77 019 8048 (Marina de Zilwa, Personal Assistant to Senthil at Expo Freight Logistics)

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