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Relax & Restore at Satchidananda Thapovanam

Even if it weren’t for the name “Kandy”, every reference to this town would sound sweet to us! This mountaintop kingdom has been home to kings and moguls since ancient times, and is a pilgrimage center with powerful temples of both Buddhist and Hindu origin.

Satchidananda Thapovanam, is located just a half hour from the city center, on the banks of the Mahawelli Ganga River.  Here you can relax in the shade of magnificent trees or entertain yourself with the endless array of exotic birds.  This is the tropics with all its extraordinary color and variety – and it is an ideal place to rest and restore.

The Thapovanam is an Ashram. No alcohol or meat is allowed on the property, and quiet time extends from 10 PM to 8 AM. These restrictions provide our guests with the peaceful environment that lends itself to deep inner healing. Guests are encouraged to attend the daily meditations and hatha yoga sessions, though it is not required.

Our Ashram kitchen serves the best “body-loving” foods -- vegetarian, nourishing, abundant, and interspersed with fresh juice cocktails.  

The guest fees for Sri Lankans are Rs. 2000 to 3,500 per night, depending on the rooms you select. The capacity is eight persons, in four twin-bedded rooms. For our foreign guests the fees may be slightly higher.

During the months of January - February there will be a swami on site for spiritual counsel, though appointments depend on her schedule. Individual coaching in Yoga and Meditation is also available. 


Inquiries can be made by email to Mrs. Kala Rasiah at  You can anticipate a prompt response.   

OM Shanthi, Shanthi, Shanthi

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